Some movies/Tv shows managed to predict the future in some weird almost too perfect way whether it concerns inovation , cultural shifts or other changes that the world has experienced over this decade .

Be prepared to freak out because of these top 7 movies and tv shows that predicted future events.

#1 Deep space 9 : star trek technology

With the amount of futuristic technology present in the star trek franchise , fiction has met reality a few times , one such thing can be found in deep space 9 and goodle glass and while it wasnt a perfect prediction , it's still very close . In the showdisplay devices are put on the characters heads and a little computer screen hovers over one eye , and one character quote sadi "it's like having a viewscreen indside your brain" A few decades later , google would unveil the google glass and it looked and functionned almost exactly as the show's virtual display devices 

#2 A Space Odyssey

Director Stanley Kubrick predicted the existence of tablets , and AIs like Siri in his movie 2001: A Space odyssey  since it had many futuristic technologies that would eventually exist in our decade  

#3 GHOST IN THE SHELL live action

the ghost in the shell is 2017 scientifical action movie , this live action of the popular anime presented a distant future that has unique technology and one of them is the popular iconic major's suit thermoptic suit that allows her to become invisible . The closest technologie we have to the Major’s is the product of a team of Japanese scientists known as “retro-reflective projection” technology (RPT) that allows it's wearer to blend with it's environment and become invisible .

#4 The famous simpsons predictions

When this clairvoyant writers room isnt busy predicting the Disney FOX merger, they're busy fortelling the future of american politics . Remember when the idea of donald trump being president of the united states was just a joke ? who knew it would actually happen .Back on march 19 2000 the Simsons aired the episode barked to the future in which bark sees a vision of the future , well he's the dead beat alcoholic while Lisa is the president of the USA and she makes a comment regarding her predecessor President Trump . This joke insuated that america couldnt sink any lower , 16 Years later Trump was elected the coutry's 45th president  

#5 The Chris Rock show

In a segment Chris Rock was showing people the backstage of his studio and on the tp of a tv he finds Oh JAY Simpsons' fictional video I didnt kill my wife but if i did here's how i do it . This episode aired in 1997, 10 years later the book IF I DID IT was released which details how simpson would have enacted the murders if he decided to kill braun and goldman , and while simsons' manager has claimed that simson didnt write the book he still accepted money for its publication indicating an acceptance of the material within 

#6 The truman show and reality shows

Jim Carrey’s 1998 summer hit The Truman Show was about the main character who had no idea his whole life was filmed and aired on tv and most of the actions that happen in his life are all manipulated . This movie predicted how reality Tv became society's borderline obsession , and how many people now broadcast their daily and private life on tv .

#7 Lone gunnmen predicted the 9/11 incident ???

Can you believe that this movies predicted a terrorist massive attack (9/11) ???

 The lone gunnmen was an X-files spin-off that aired for only 13 episodes in 2001 and that's right same year and everything , in the seires this movie predicted a massive terrorist attack . in the series premiere which aired which aired on march fourth the characters find themselves in the middle of a government consipracy , they planned to ram a plane into the World trade Center , blame it on terrorists and reap the rewards of increased weapon sales . Only 6 months later history was made when two planes were flown to the north and south towers of the world trade center  . AND THIS PREDICTION IS PRETTY DAMN CREEPY !! 

What do you think?

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