This was the REASON Samuel L. Jackson was cast in the Avengers

When it comes to acting careers, it’s not always about your acting skills. What makes someone’s career a success might come down to how funny their mustache looks or how funny their name sounds. We compiled some of the weirdest reasons your favorite actors got hired:

#2 Brad Pitt asked for the role nicely

Before he knew Brad Pitt couldn't do a British accent, Director Guy Ritchie agreed to cast him on Snatch. Instead of just refusing him, he rewrote the character as a nomad with an unusual accent.

#3 Young Emma Watson wouldn’t shut up

According to the Harry Potter series author "She spoke to me for about 60 seconds without taking a breath.

That made her like Emma, despite being a "beautiful girl" trying to put on a "geeky" personality  

#5 Matthew McConaughey’s mustache

When he was cast for Dazed & Confused, they thought he was too good looking, but Director Richard Linklater decided his mustache and some fake tattoos were enough to make him fit the role.

#6 Nick Fury cast himself in the comics

In 2002's comic The Ultimates, when asked who he would want to play him in a live-action movie, Fury said: "Why, Mister Samuel L. Jackson, of course. That's not even open to debate, Doctor."

#7 Wayne Knight’s sweat

Wayne Knight was so good at being "sweaty" in Basic Instinct that Spielberg decided he had to cast him in Jurassic Park: "I see him in close-ups, sweating, only instead of open legs, it's a dinosaur."

#8 He thought he had a funny name

The director of Clue thought it would be funny to cast Lee Ving as Mr.Boddy because Tim curry says the line "Mr. Boddy will be leaving soon."

#9 Jason Statham, a con artist

Guy Ritchie, director of "Lock, Stock & two smoking barrels", asked Statham to impersonate a street counterfeiter in his audition.

As it turns out, Statham was currently working as a knock-off perfume salesman.

#11 Ryan Gosling looked nuts

During the casting of the Notebook, a lot of actors did not want the part, but then Ryan Gosling came about whom the director said: "You're not handsome, you're not cool, you're just a regular guy who looks a bit nuts."

#13 Peter Mayhew’s huge feet.

Long before he played Chewbacca, 7' 3" Mayhew was featured in a magazine about men with big feet, which caught the attention of producer Charles H. Schneer.

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