This MAN broke into A MUSEUM to take SELFIES with a dinosaur.

In these challenging times where COVID-19 forced us to respect social distancing, wandering through the halls of a closer museum in peace seems like the perfect plan. Unfortunately, doing so is a crime in many countries.

A young German student at a local university decided on the night of the 10th of May, to break into Australia’s oldest museum. According to the Guardian, the museum has been closed for renovations for almost ten months!

The young man apparently strolled around the museum, stole a staffer’s hat from a coat rack, and then proceeded to take selfies with multiple dinosaurs on display in the museum.

Unfortunately for the young student, the museum was littered with security cameras therefor it was simple for New South Wales police to track him down. As soon as they published the CCTV footage, Paul Kuhn turned himself. He was charged with breaking into a closed private property and was refused bail.

Surprisingly, the locals reacted in a very positive way to his actions. They congratulated him, and many wanted to buy him a beer.

Luckily, Kuhn only removed a picture of unknown worth from the walls of the museum and stole a staffer’s hat. Regardless, the student’s bit of fun resulted in some severe consequences. He was later granted bail after a court hearing on the condition that he surrenders his passport.

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