The MGM Lion did WHAT ?!

Many rumors circulate on the internet about popular movies and some of theme never die. We compiled the most noteworthy ones to serve as a reminder that not everything you read on the internet is true. 

#1 Myth: Hitchcock directed the MGM logo with the roaring lion.

Fact: The photos with Hitchcock and Leo, the last lion to be used, were actually promotional pictures for his MGM movie, north by Northwest.

According to other rumors, the MGM mascot killed it's trainer and was supposed to stand proud and silent, but roared when two burglars rushed into the warehouse. The truth is, several lions were used to film the famous MGM logo and none of them ever attacked their trainers.

#2 Myth: Chris Martin played a Zombie in Shaun of the Dead.

Fact: The famous Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin never actually took part in Shaun of the Dead and this was confirmed back in 2019 by Simon Pegg.

While Martin does actually appear at the end of the movie in a clip about raising funds for "ZombAid", Pegg confirmed that Martin didn't have a cameo as one of the zombies on screen, and has since asked people to "please stop writing that in... lovely articles online."

#3 Myth: Donald Duck was banned in Finland.

Fact: According to the rumor, Donald Duck was banned in Finland because he doesn't wear pants. Simply put, Donald Duck was never banned in the country.

Back in 1977, Helsinki cancelled their subscription to Donald Duck cartoons because of budgets cuts, not because the duck doesn't wear any pants. The reason this rumor came into existence is due to a reelection campaign

#4 Myth: Edna Mode was based on costume designer Edith Head

Fact: Despite the similarities, director "Brad Bird" denied  in one of his tweets that Edna Mode was based on fashion icon Edith Head adding that many people from countries all over the world were convinced that Edna was based on a local fashion icon.

#6 Myth: An EXTRA had their penis out in Teen Wolf

Fact: It's actually a woman's underwear. 

After the discovery of an extra with unzipped pants during the celebration scene, the person in question was tracked down. She explained that the tight pants they wore were pretty uncomfortable so she would unzip their pants while sitting in the stands. She just forgot to close them before standing.

#8 Myth: The new Mutants went through a lot of changes and re shoots.

Fact: The new Mutants had absolutely no re shoots. Even though it's common for films to have at least some re shoots, the New Mutants had none due to the Disney-Fox merger.

 Director Josh Boone said that there were no big changes to the film at all, and it seems like the rumor was started by an offhand comment from the comic co-creator who said in an interview that he thing they were doing some re shoots at the time.

#10 Myth: A Munchkin hanged himself in the Wizard Of Oz.

Fact: This famous urban legend predates the internet. While it's normal for film sets to overlook certain details, its naive to think that an entire film crew would not only fail to notice a suicide taking place on set but also fail to react to it in any way in post production.

It turns out that what's actually happening in the background is nothing but a big bird. The production brought birds to the set to liven it up and what you're actually seeing is a crane spreading out it's wings and NOT the swinging corpse of a dead actor.

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