The top 10 SCARIEST places on earth

The world is full of creepy places, and we made a list of the most freakiest places on earth.Some of them are off limits others are adviced to not go to. 

Wanna go on a vacation ? Here are some of the places you should avoid going to. 

#1 The Sedlec Ossuary

In Czech Republic, located beneath the Cemetery Church of All Saints. On the outside this cemetery seems like any other quaint small town cemetery but underneath it looks like a sereal killer's lair. 

This church is adorned with the skelletons of 70 000 people. The bones are artistically arranged to form various attractions and furnishings including a chandilier composed composed of every bone of the human body. Assembled in the 1800s each bone was stacked by a single wood carver, the bones belonged to people who wanted to be buried on holy land and this peaceful chapel is their final resting place. 

#2 Chillingham Castle

Located in Northumberland England. This medieval Castle dates back to the 12th century when it served as a monastery, it was even visited by king Edward the first of england in the last 13th century when he was traveling to fight William Wallace. The rumors say that this castle is the most haunted place in all of britain, known primarely for it's resident Blue Boy (a boy who was supposed to be burried alive in the walls); Guests would supposedly hear a loud wailing noise and witness a blue halo floating above their beds. However the hauntings have reportedly stopped after renovation work uncovered the bones of a young boy buried within the walls.

#3 Snake island

Ilha Da Quiemada Grande is a small 106 acre island located off the southeastern corner of Brazil it's inhavited by untold number of snakes who became trapped on the island once rising sea levels cut it off from the mainland. 

The island remains the only place on earth to host the endangered golden lancehead a highly venomous pit viper that devours birds. It's estilated that up to 4000 golden lance heads reside on the island. Snake island cannot be visited by citizens both to protect the endangered snakes from prying eyes and the humans for becoming snake victims and the only people allowed there are selected researchers and members of the brazilian navy (who take emergency equiments like anti-venoms, artificial respirator, defibrillator and an ambulance on standby).  

#4 Yungas Road

Yungas Road is located in Bolivia, linking the city of lapaz to the greater yungas region, chillingly nicknamed the road of death was famous for its complete lack of safety precautions, the road itself is extremely thin which doesnt allow for mistakes. It has no guard rails, the slopas are slippy and the area is regulary hit by heavy rain and fog cover making travel an extremely dangerous expedition.

#5 Catacombe Dei Capuccini

Forget the paris catacombs, these catacombs right located in Palermo, Sicily, southern Italy. 

When monks excavated crypts below the overpopulated capuchin monastery , it soon became a status symbol to be buried within the capuchin catacombs and it was maintained through donations paid by the rich relatives of the etombed, it's estimated that the catacombs contain 8000 corpses and 1252 mummies all of which are visible to the public and even set in various poses. 

Each of the bodies are categorized into different sections of the catacombs including men women and children. These catacombs are also famous for hosting rosalia lombardo, a one year old child whose remained body remains in exceptional condition.  

#6 Beelitz-Heilstätten Hospital

Located in Beelitz Germany this large hospital complex encompasses around 60 different buildings. The hospital was orginally used as a tuberculois sanatorium before it was converted to a war hospital. 

During world war 1, it house injured soldiers of the imperial german army including adolf hitler after he was wounded at the battle of the somme. It was later occupied by the red army throughout World War 2 and remained remained a soviet military  hospital well into the 90s. Most of the complex is now derelict ghost town having been completely abondaned in 1994. 

#7 Centralia Fire

There's an area in pennsylvania that has been on fire since 1962. 

In the early 60's centralia hosted roughly 1500 residents but the area suffered a horrific coal mine fire that is estimated to keep burning for 250 years, regardless of how it happened this fire quickly grew out of control, remember this wasnt a small shaft too, the coal mines in the area were all interconnected and it was an enormous labyrinth under under the town of centralia. 

The major detrimental effects weren't really known until 1981 when a sinkhole randomly and nearly killed a 12 year old boy the government bought out most of the residents and had them relocated leaving just 63 people by 1990. Today the town host under a dozen citizens and various signs are littered throughout the area , warning of sudden ground collapse and fatal levels of carbon monoxide. A graffiti highway that became a destination a destination spot in the area has been paved over as of 2020. 

#8 Island of the dolls

There many towns and villages that are famous for dolls but perhaps the freakiest of all is Mexico city's la isla de la munecas which is located in the canals of sochimilco. 

The island contains hundreds of dalls most of dolls most of which are hung from the trees, it looks like a scene from a horror movie. 

Legend states that the spirit of a young girl haunted the island forcing its owner to hang dolls the trees to appease her ghost. The owner passed away in 2001 and the island became a popular tourist destination even though some locals refused to go there owing to superstition. 

#9 Pripyat

Here's the Ghost Town: Pripyat is what was called a nuclear city housing the employees of the nearby chernobyl nuclear power plant, it was the home of thousands of citizens, until the powerplant famously exploded on the morning of april 26 1986, spreading an unbelievable amount of radiantion into the area including pripyat. The town was not immediately evacuated despite dozens of people falling ill and showing signs of acute radiation sickness. The evacuation was finally ordered 36 hours after the blast. 

This city remains abandoned for log term residents although governmental authorities still worked in the area and there is now limited tourism. It's now part of the wider chernobyl exclusion zone. 

#10 The door to hell

Turns out the door to hell exists and it's located in Turkmenistan. The village of Devisa is home to the Darweza gas crater which was unintentionaly created 1971 while soviet engineers were drilling for oil. Fearing the release of dangerous methane gas, the engineers decided to light the crater on fire in the hopes of burning off the methane. The crater has continued to burn over throughout the decades and has showed no signs of slowing down so now in the middle of the catacomb desert there is a 100 foot crater that persistantly on fire. 

Naturally the site is off limits to both tourists and almost all documentarians. You know, you wouldn't wanna get pulled into hell would you? 

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