The Team Fortress 2 Community (6/12)

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While we consider many players of Team Fortress 2 perfectly fine, there is a small vocal minority that makes the game unbearable for everyone, especially for new players to the game.

Team Fortress 2 seems to draw a lot of elitists who believe that they are better and superior to everyone. Being vote kicked for playing poorly or playing as the wrong character is not uncommon. Added to that is the constant whining about minis on Hightower despite it being a perfectly legal and legit form of playing and the incessant complaining about bad or inexperienced teammates.

If you’ve never played this game but have always wanted to check it out, we recommend that you don’t or at least mute the chat. Currently, the state of the game is a disaster, there are a lot of cheaters and voice chat spammers.

Written by Outal Badr


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