Sonic the Hedgehog Community (5/12)

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Well, for such a cute and harmless little rodent, Sonic sure does rustle some jimmies. The Sonic games are spread throughout so many years and generations that the fan base has long been split and broken, leading to constant fights, name-calling, and general negativity online over which game sucks.

Of course, the inconsistent quality of the titles in recent years certainly hasn’t helped to tame the endless fights between trolls and the most die-hard of sonic defenders, both of whom can get extremely aggressive. We’re not even going to touch on some of the more adult things that fans often do with their characters.

Listen, I grew up playing Sonic games and still revisit the older releases from time to time, and while I do agree that some of the Sonic games aren’t up to snuff, I still enjoy them.

Written by Outal Badr


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