Cleanser (necessary) (2/13)

Water cleansers help remove water-based impurities such as excess oil and sebum, layers of dirt and sweat.

Water cleansers come in different forms such as foaming cleansers, gel cleansers and cleansing waters because they have micelles, water cleansers can have elements that help the skin, for example acne treatments, or hydrating cleansers…

Foaming cleansers are the most common cleansers, they’re used by people who have oily skins the most, it foams as you massage your skin with water. They’re so efficient when it comes to removing impurities.

Gel cleansers are very similar to foaming cleansers, except that they’re used for dry skin because they’re more hydrating to the skin. Gel cleansers are usually more gentle on the skin.

Cleansing waters are not like foaming and gel cleansers, they can clean the skin with cotton and can simply be swept across the skin. Cleansing gels are formulated with oil particles that can remove oil-based impurities.

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