Far Cry 2 (1/10)

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Far Cry games are always so massive in size and sculpt that we’ve all just learned to live with some minor bugs and glitches on our way to enjoying their great open-world environments. 

However, the glitchiness of Far Cry 2 has become somewhat of an internet meme, with endless YouTube videos of strange occurrences and message boards completely dedicated to keeping track of all the random craziness. 

Far Cry 2 shipped with game-breaking bugs, corrupt game saves, and vital NPC characters vanishing without a trace. Adding insult to injury, the patch wasn’t even made available until seven months later. That’s a long time to go without fixing a broken game. 

Despite all these shortcomings in development, Far Cry 2 is still today praised as one of the shooters to ever exist and has earned the love of gamers from all around the world.

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