Best ways to solve skin dryness problems (4/4)

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Dry skin needs deep hydration, that’s why you need to look for exfoliating acids with hyaluronic acid: 

This acid, found inside the body, has some amazing properties. On top of being an extremely potent exfoliator, it is able to hold a thousand times its weight of water, therefore, it retains moisture in the skin more effectively. Another great property of this acid is that it penetrates deep inside your pores exfoliating your skin in the process. By keeping your skin deeply hydrated and exfoliating it properly, this acid is effective at cleaning your pores and preventing aging.

Other acids to look for are glycolic acid (found in fruits) and lactic acid (found inside our bodies and in nature). These two AHAs (alpha-hydroxy-acid) ensure deep hydration. They also help your skin keep its youthful appearance by dissolving the bonds between dead skin cells, allowing them to be wiped away easily, thus, revealing a smoother, and younger skin below.

Finally, you need ceramides: they’re lipids found in your body, they make sure your skin is well-balanced and hydrated. Using products that contain one of these acids, is the best way to deal with dehydration which can lead to dry, and damaged skin.

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