Singers who proved they don't lip sync when performing live

Here are some singers who accidently proved that they’re singing live without lip sync . 

#1 ARIANA GRANDE in Ellen show

In Ellen's show, when Ariana Grande was performing her Thank you Next song, Ariana climbs off a chair and slips on the floor, which made her stop singing and instead laugh at herself.  

#2 Beyonce , Formation Tour

In Beyonce's Formation Tour while she was singing her song Crazy in love, Beyonce used a lineup of wood stalls for herself and her dancers. While singing, the upper edge of the frame she's holding breaks and causes her to mess up her lyrics and then laugh.  

#3 Taylor Swift, Fearless Tour

In Fearless Tour, Taylor's dress gets caught on the stairs during Love Story performance, throughout her struggle to free her dress, you can hear that she's singing live.  

#4 Sia in her Moscow Concert

When Sia was singing in her Moscow concert, she accidentally messed lyrics of her song Titanium while performing, and calls herself out by singing "I f***ed up the words". 

#5 Demi Lovato, album release launch

Demi Lovato was sick but still trying to sing Stone Cold for her fans but her voice just wasn't up to it. After a vocal oops she told her fans "I don"t know what to do"  and finished the song in her lower register instead of belting it. 

#7 Adele , Adele Live

When Adele was singing her song Million years Ago, she messed up the chorus and said kept repeating "shit, shit, shit" as she laughed at herself and then decided to restart the song. 

#8 Maria carey, Today Show

Mariah messes up her lyrics and decides to sing about it. Her lyrics were "messing up the word of my own songs and I don't care" and she finally laughed and continued her song normally.

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