Secrets of An Ancient Egyptian Temple Restored After Being Lost For 2000 Years

While everyone else was locked in their homes because of the pandemic, archaeologists worked night and day to restore the walls of a two centuries old Egyptian temple.

The Ancient Esna Temple on the west bank of the Nile River is about 35 miles south of Luxor.

The ancient temple was rediscovered 200 years ago and held 2000-year-old secrets in its walls that are only now being discovered by researchers. In 2018, a challenging restoration project was launched, and thanks to it, hundreds of hidden inscriptions, paintings, and illustrated constellations are seeing the light of day.

According to a statement released by the University of Tubingen, Egyptian and German archaeologists have removed layers of soil and bird excrement from the 2000-year-old inscriptions.

Initially deemed invaluable by French Egyptologist Serge Sauneron, historians are now reassessing these paintings after they’ve been officially restored to their original colours.

The temple’s famous ceiling illustrates the night sky with inscriptions depicting spiritual and religious beliefs. The impressive restoration has returned the site to its original appearance, for the first time in two centuries. Considering the importance of Esna Temple, this is one of the most important endeavours in Archaeology.

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