Romance in league of legends

Caitlyn and Vi aren’t a couple, and No Sona and Zed aren’t a couple as well, Rek’sai and vel’koz aren’t dating as well. But in this list you will find out about the real couples that actually have a romance going between them. 

#1 Evelynn and twisted fate

After the release of Tango Evelynn and Tango Twisted Fate, in the beginning it was said that Evelynn was Twisted fate's former girlfriend, but after they split up she became his rival.

But after the changes that happened in league. It appeared that evelynn was mentioned in the characters that were related to twisted fate, butthey never talked about what bounds the two of them exactly. 

#2 Ahri killed her past lover ???

Ahri has destructive power that make her so hungry for human essences, because she was raised by foxes as a kid. So even if she wanted to make friends she couldn't because she always ended up killing them. But that didn't stop her from finding love, and she found a man who she started to dearly treasure and care about.

On a romantic night near a beautiful lake, while sitting next to him her mind suddenly snapped, and with an uncontrollable hunger she drained the poor man's soul, together with his memories and emotions. 

Ahri then was contemplating whether she should find a type of flowers that could erase the memories of the man she loved or not. And then she decided that she will live with the horrible gruesome things she did for the rest of her life.

#3 Ashe and Tryndamere

Since warmothers should marry strong warriors from another tribe to gain a lot of political strength, Ashe decided to marry one of the strongest warriors even though he was a savage. But as time went on and the two reined together, ahri and tryndamere started to slowly fall in love with each other.  

#4 Gankplank and his ex-lover Illaoi

Before the time when gankplank became the Baron of bilgewater, he was dating illaoi. They both loved each other, but Illaoi had to dumped him because she had to attend her duties as the kraken priestess. 

Although their relationship ended, the two characters still deeply loved and cared for one another. 

#5 Lucian and Senna against Shadow Iles

The married couple Lucian and Senna both fought the army of damned that come from shadow iles for a very long time. Until the day when Thresh appeared and stole Senna's body and soul and put her in his lantern.

That's when Lucian took Senna's guns and swore for vengeance. On his second encounter with Thresh Lucian shot his lantern and that freed his wife who was stuck between death and life. 

#6 Are Lux and Ezreal dating ?

When Ezreal was interviewed, he had the drawing above on his desk, when he was asked abt it he just changed the subject. In his interactions with champions in league of legends he mentioned that he was going on a date with lux. 

So we're sure of the fact that Ezreal has romantic feelings for Lux, but we're not really sure about lux's feelings towards him. So we can't say if they're really dating or not.

#7 Camille and Hakim’s tragic love story

When Camille was human she feel in love with a young artificial called Hakim, this man was tasked to remove her human parts and augmenting her her body despite him being against this. Because he was so guilty that he couldn't face her, he ran away before she gained consciousness, and that was the last time the two ever met. 

Camille didn't stop loving Hakim and kept looking for him everywhere, until she found his nephew who looked exactly like him. He told her that Hakim never married and he always carried her picture with him until he died.  

#8 Garen and Katarina

Katarina and Garen actually met on the battlefield and they both fell in love at first sight with each other, with the sounds of blades surrounding them they starred at each other for a lot of time and then he lost her. 

When he came fro the battlefield he was speechless and kept only thinking about the Noxian assassin. He even looked for her whenever he went to a battlefield against Noxus. 

#9 Darius

The brutal warrior leader Darius has a soft heart despite his appearance, he was deeply in love with his childhood friend Quinn, they had a very strong and deep relationship, he conquered lands with her, although they had a mad leader. But because the army assigned the two of them to go different wars they haven't seen each other for 10 years. but after Ionia's invasion, Quinn didn't only lose an arm in that war she also lost her faith in the empire.That made her go rogue so she conquered her own homeland on her own and made its citizens hostages. When Darius came to negotiate with her she told him that he sent her son to the battlefield and he died in there because of him, and just before she could tell him that that child was also Darius' child her second in command sliced her throat to save Darius from the heartbreak he was about to feel, since she didn't want him to go rogue as well.

#10 Rakkan and Xayah

The two Vestroia creatures that are very close to humans, have met each other in Valenko.

Xayah first thought that Rakkan was an idiot, but later on they fell deeply in love with each other and started dating. 

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