Most TOXIC VIDEOGAME communities to ever EXIST

Today, we’re counting down our picks to the 13 most toxic videogame communities. For this list, we’re looking at several communities that been infected by the most venomous of players.

We know not everyone in these communities acts terribly but the issues have become so rampant that they found themselves on this list. Let us know what you think of our list in the comments below πŸ˜‰

#1 Fall Guys: Ultimate knockout Community

As it quickly became one of the most unexpected hits of the year 2020, Fall Guys gathered a massive following almost immediately after its release. To no one's surprise, with that fame comes a variety of toxic players. 

One can expect a good handful of cheaters to infiltrate games and steal victories left and right. While the anti-cheater update has caught a good portion of hackers, there's still another toxic side of the community.

Known as griefers, this type of players try to eliminate players by simply pushing them or waiting around at the finish line to troll the lobby. Suffice to say, these types of players can ruin most sessions and steal all the fun from the game.

#2 Runescape Community

While the Runescape community has most definitely improved over the last decade or so, there are still some troubling individuals walking. For one thing, some of the diehard and elitist players will verbally humiliate others, sometimes even to the point of severe bullying. New members can be attacked simply for being new.

The fans have also been known to exploit in-game mechanics for their own personal gain. The constant whining about the game dying doesn't help either, especially when the vocal players are so unwelcoming and hostile.

While we're sure most of Runescape players are delightful and the toxic ones are a vocal minority, they're more than enough to make us stay clear.. and let's not even talk about the time commitment you would need to even become slightly good at this game.

#3 The FIFA Community

Soccer is arguably one of the most popular sports in the world, so it's natural that the FIFA series draws in millions of players from around the world every year. 

Unfortunately, a big chunk of these players is composed of cheaters and crybabies. The series has a history of hackers ruining the infrastructure of the games but it's the general attitude in the matches themselves that annoy us most.

The online game mode is full of people quitting, disconnecting on purpose, and straight-up insulting you for winning or losing, you'll be lucky to even finish the game in the first place. For those who are lucky enough to finish a game, they're often subjected to childish screaming, spamming and obnoxious celebrations, exactly like real soccer.

#4 The Undertale Community

How exactly could a game, that's supposed to be single-player, have a toxic community? Good question. It all comes down to reputation.

We agree with most people that Undertale is a fantastic game with clever humor in writing. However, there are some folks who take the word good and twister into factually perfect.

There are a number of Undertale fans that live and die by this game and if you so much as say anything about it, you know nothing about videogames and *insert threats and profanities here*.

Fortunately, there are more lighthearted fans who love the memes that have spawned but even that has grown tiresome to bear.

#5 Sonic the Hedgehog Community

Well, for such a cute and harmless little rodent, Sonic sure does rustle some jimmies. The Sonic games are spread throughout so many years and generations that the fan base has long been split and broken, leading to constant fights, name-calling, and general negativity online over which game sucks.

Of course, the inconsistent quality of the titles in recent years certainly hasn't helped to tame the endless fights between trolls and the most die-hard of sonic defenders, both of whom can get extremely aggressive. We're not even going to touch on some of the more adult things that fans often do with their characters.

Listen, I grew up playing Sonic games and still revisit the older releases from time to time, and while I do agree that some of the Sonic games aren't up to snuff, I still enjoy them.

#6 The Team Fortress 2 Community

While we consider many players of Team Fortress 2 perfectly fine, there is a small vocal minority that makes the game unbearable for everyone, especially for new players to the game.

Team Fortress 2 seems to draw a lot of elitists who believe that they are better and superior to everyone. Being vote kicked for playing poorly or playing as the wrong character is not uncommon. Added to that is the constant whining about minis on Hightower despite it being a perfectly legal and legit form of playing and the incessant complaining about bad or inexperienced teammates.

If you've never played this game but have always wanted to check it out, we recommend that you don't or at least mute the chat. Currently, the state of the game is a disaster, there are a lot of cheaters and voice chat spammers.

#7 The Eve Online Community

While the large majority of the player base of this game is friendly and helpful, it's always the bad apples that give Eve a bad reputation. Some players will treat the inexperienced with total disdain even to the point of harassment.

It is also the wild west of gaming. Players will rob, cheat, scam, screw over others as often as they can in the name of self-fulfillment. However, we can accept that behavior like this as part of the game and we can forgive it. What we can't forgive, however, is the toxicity that extends beyond the gameplay such as vandalizing property and urging fellow gamers to harass an allegedly depressed player until he kills himself. Not cool gamers.

#8 The Dark Souls Community

There's no denying that the Dark Souls games are spectacular, featuring some of the most impressive worlds and challenging gameplay we've ever seen. 

Unfortunately, with the series' infamous difficulty comes an elitist, hardcore community who feels as if they are superior to the filthy casuals of gaming due to their mastering of the complex series.

Those seeking help or guidance in these notoriously opaque games are often told to just "get good" which is always helpful. Finally, the online community itself isn't to great either, as it's filled with constant showboaters, hackers, and lag stabbers adding a layer of frustration that even the developers didn't fully intend.

#9 The Valorant Community

Much like Riot's other more notorious game, Valorant has become so toxic that it'd make a chemical plant blush. We're talking about players making bigoted remarks in games, acting sexist towards female players, and overall acting elitist to most of their teammates.

There have been several articles written and Twitter threats bringing these issues to light. Even one of Riot's own developers was a victim of this behavior. Riot claims that they were working on an initiative to control and diminish the toxicity by encouraging players to continue reporting, but that only gets you so far. From the looks of it, history may be doomed to repeat itself.

#10 The DOTA 2 Community

It can be tough for new players to join when the learning curve is so steep. A good player would include and inform newbies on how to play their character or how the game works. Alas, that is not the case for the majority of the time.

One can expect a plethora of insults to be hurled at them for simply not knowing how the game works or what they should be doing. With this attitude towards newbies, what's the point in jumping in if you haven't already?

#11 The Grand Theft Auto Online Community

We've been waiting for this for years, too bad about the players though. While the initial launch was problematic, the game's toxic community has lingered.

The game is full of trolls and griefers and there always seems to be that one player who is completely incompetent and refuses to play along with everyone else.

There is also an extremely bad case of gang mentality as groups often talk trash to each other and single out players simply for not being part of their group.

Let's not forget about the screaming kids who yell profanity the likes of which you've never heard. When it comes to hypothetically meeting Trevor in real life or playing this game online, we would pick Trevor. Seriously. It's that bad.

#12 The League Of Legends Community

*sigh*  Where to begin with this one.. ? Gamers typically reference League of Legends and DOTA 2 when speaking about toxic MOBA communities and for good reason.

 Something about these games just seems to bring out the worst in people. You'll hear some of the most racist profane and inappropriate language you'll ever hear while playing.

Players sabotage teammates with intentional feeding and verbally assault other gamers for performing poorly. Others remain unapologetic in their behavior and it's gotten so bad that major gaming websites have actively written about the problem but perhaps the worst part is how the two communities are incredibly hostile to each other.

What do you think?

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