How to Layer Skincare Products. EASY!! Must READ!!!

The foundations of a skincare routine consist mainly of a cleanser, exfoliator, moisturizer, and sunscreen. There are other optional steps that can be added such as toners, oils, masks, and actives. 

This list is shown to you by order from the first step to the last one and has almost all the the products that can be used on a skincare routine.

If you ever feel lost just remember to apply your products from the lightest to the thickest.   

#1 Cleansing balm/oil cleansers

In an evening routine, the first thing you need to do is to use an oil cleanser, which is basically an oil-based cleanser that helps remove make-up, sunscreen, tinted moisturizer, and all the top excess of oil and sebum , layer dirt and even pollution that's stuck in the skin.

Oil cleansing is usually a must do for the evening, it removes all the excess of oi layers and debris, so the water cleanser can do its job. 

The oil cleanser usually helps water cleansers do their jobs (water cleansers can be used in the mornings as well).  If you wear make-up and sunscreen, you should always use both oil and water cleansers

#2 Cleanser (necessary)

Water cleansers help remove water-based impurities such as excess oil and sebum, layers of dirt and sweat.

Water cleansers come in different forms such as foaming cleansers, gel cleansers and cleansing waters because they have micelles, water cleansers can have elements that help the skin, for example acne treatments, or hydrating cleansers...

Foaming cleansers are the most common cleansers, they're used by people who have oily skins the most, it foams as you massage your skin with water. They're so efficient when it comes to removing impurities.

Gel cleansers are very similar to foaming cleansers, except that they're used for dry skin because they're more hydrating to the skin. Gel cleansers are usually more gentle on the skin.

Cleansing waters are not like foaming and gel cleansers, they can clean the skin with cotton and can simply be swept across the skin. Cleansing gels are formulated with oil particles that can remove oil-based impurities.

#3 Wash-off masks

A wash-off mask can be used in conjunction with a physical exfoliator because you don't want to wash off your chemical exfoliator that's on your face. It can be used 1 to 4 times a week depending on what it says on the back of the product. 

Wash-off masks are great when it comes to giving a deep cleaning to the pores especially clay masks. It should be used on a dry face. 

#4 Exfoliating Toners

After cleansing your skin, leave it wet, and use on top of it ur exfoliating toner, it can be used from 1 to 7 days a week depending on your skin type. Although this step is not necessary, people with really sensitive skin tend to prefer toners as a replacement for an exfoliating serum.

Exfoliating toners remove the dead cells that make your skin look clogged and dull and dry or aged. It unclogs pores that can otherwise lead to blackheads, spots, breakouts, and enlarged pores they generally just make your skin look a lot healthier and brighter. 

Toners can be used in the mornings as well because they're more gentle than exfoliating serums. 

#5 Chemical exfoliators (necessary)

This step can be included 1 to 4 times a week in your skin-care. So the two main types of exfoliators are:

 Physical exfoliators that use abrasive ingredients such as sponges, scrubs, face brushes that physically scrub away that dead skin. Make sure to gently scrub them on your skin, and if you're using a sponge make sure to use a soft one. If you're using this type of exfoliation, make sure to use it in the cleansing step.

And Chemical exfoliators so in AHA, BHA, or PHA. It penetrates into your skin to do that exfoliation at a deeper and more efficient level, the process is similar to ungluing dead skin from the face. If you're going to use this type f exfoliation make sure to use it on dry skin, after the toner. It's better to use this type of exfoliation at night to let it do its magic on your face.

#6 sheet masks

They are face shaped thin sheet, made of paper, that have concentrated nutrition and serums in it. They're like the treat of the skin, it's so relaxing and nurturing. You can apply it on your skin and leave it for 10 to 20 minutes.

It's recommended to use it in the evening, because it's better if you take your time with it.

#7 Essence

An essence can be used every day, morning, and night. It's packed with ingredients to make your skin overall a lot better, it can contain brightening ingredients that reduce the appearance of black spots, fine lines, and wrinkles. 

Essences are different from one another, depending on the packaging they come in. 

#8 Serums

Serums are usually packed with very concentrated ingredients that target a particular skin concern. Drop a few drops on your face and massage gently to help your skin absorb the product.

You can use serums depending on which one and that product's instructions say. It can usually be used morning and nights, but it's better to use them in the evening to give them all their time to do their job perfectly. 

The serums are usually referred to as ampoules or treatments.

#9 Eye cream, Eye patches, and Eye masks

Usually, eye creams are not that important in a skincare routine, it can be used morning and nights every day, can help reduce puffiness and potentially dark circles.

Usually it is not recommended to use an eye cream, because they're very expensive and not efficient.

#10 Night mask

Nightmasks are basically masks that you leave on overnight, it usually goes with your moisturizer.

Night-masks usually have more concentrated ingredients, for example there are masks that are used for skin lightening only or a mask that's used for acne. It depends on the issue that your skin is facing.

#11 Moisturizer (necessary)

A moisturizer is one of the most important steps in a skincare routine, it's an essential step for everyday use, morning and night.

Using the moisturizer that suits your skin can completely transform your skin, keeping it balanced and helping it if it's too dry or too oily. Apply it in mornings and nights. 

#12 Oil essences

Skin oils can be used for many purposes, depending on the case of the skin, they can be used for their soothing, hydrating, anti-inflamatory and antibacterial properties.

Even if you have an oily skin, oils can still be beneficial for your skin, since some oils have elements that fight acne. 

You can use oils everyday, and since it has a thick texture, it is recommended to use it alongside your moisturizer at the evening.  


Sunscreen protects the skin from the sun (which is the most dangerous thing for the skin, because it ages the skin, creates black spots, and other many problems). It also helps the skin look good. 

This is the last step in a skincare routine, make sure to use it whenever you're going out or facing the sun. Apply it to your whole face and neck. 

And don't forget without sunscreen your skincare products will not benefit you. 

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