George Washington was INVICIBLE

President George Washington, the founding father of the United States of America, once served as an aide-de-camp under General Edward Braddock during the French and Indian War. Being an Aide-de-camp, to put it simply meant that he was an assistant supposed to help out the highest-ranking officer, go look for things for him, and do other “secretarial work”. But what was strange is that Washington decided, out of nowhere, to take command of the British army.

During a failed surprised attack, the British army was losing. After hours of fierce fighting, General Braddock was shot off his horse and the British troops were surrounded and lost their formation. Then came Washington the assistant, the equivalent of a secretary, and started giving troops orders, riding back and forth between them and the officers. A ballsy move for sure, especially considering he held no rank, and to make matters worse, his horse got shot while he was giving orders. Twice.

Thanks to his commands, the British troops were able to form a rearguard and allowed a safe retreat. When the battle was over, Washington had four bullets in his coat and to everyone’s surprise none on his body. The man was not only the only officer to not be killed during the battle but also somehow managed to escape every bullet coming his way all while still being ill. 

During the Revolutionary War, his god-like bulletproof status came back to aid him in his battles. In 1777, the battle of Princeton broke out and Washington charged into a fight where an American regiment was defeated. Seeing his men fleeing the scene, Washington rushed on his horse over to the men and told them to join him as they were but a few enemies left. After getting his troops in formation, Washington rode in front of them and told them to not fire until he gave them a signal. And so he rode until he was 30 yards away from the enemy and told his men to fire unmoved by the possibility of getting shot. He ended up winning this battle.

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