Everyone loves these BROKEN games

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it !” This seems to be the design philosophy that drives a lot of game developers. In fact, even when games are broken still don’t get fixed!

In this list, we’re going to take a look at games that were released with bugs, glitches, and code issues yet still receive a lot of love and praise from gamers. Broken does not necessarily mean a bad game, far from it actually. In fact, many of the games on this list received critical praise upon release outside of their technically unpolished state.

#1 Far Cry 2

Far Cry games are always so massive in size and sculpt that we've all just learned to live with some minor bugs and glitches on our way to enjoying their great open-world environments. 

However, the glitchiness of Far Cry 2 has become somewhat of an internet meme, with endless YouTube videos of strange occurrences and message boards completely dedicated to keeping track of all the random craziness. 

Far Cry 2 shipped with game-breaking bugs, corrupt game saves, and vital NPC characters vanishing without a trace. Adding insult to injury, the patch wasn't even made available until seven months later. That's a long time to go without fixing a broken game. 

Despite all these shortcomings in development, Far Cry 2 is still today praised as one of the shooters to ever exist and has earned the love of gamers from all around the world.

#2 Battlefield 4

The critically acclaimed Battlefield 4 also suffered from a load of bugs and glitches, including game-breaking crashes and corrupt saves, but its online game mode takes the cake for the buggiest feature to ever exist.

Its online mode, especially on PC, could wind up being a downright mess at times. It was totally common for the game to crash windows, as well as causing a dreaded red screen of death. This forced gamers to reboot their entire systems very frequently.

On the more funny and jovial side, there are plenty of funny bugs to choose from but we love the moments where the whole map breaks, causing absolute chaos during an online gaming session.

#3 Warhammer: Vermintide 2

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 has a very buggy launch back in 2018. Despite the shortcomings and glitches, the game was still successful overall, racking up a score of 77 on Metacritic. 

Fans of the series loved the updated visuals and expansive co-op maps of the new game so they cut developer fat sharks some slack and just patiently waited for updates and patches to help fix some of the buggier issues. 

One thing we couldn't help but notice was the game's weird behavior during frost fights with many stranges occurrences taking us by surprise like the screen turning into a literal strobe light and an explosion that's hard on the eyes.

#4 The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Similar to the Far Cry series, The Elder Scrolls games are just so massive and amazing that we tend to overlook little technical issues and glitches.

Most of these bugs don't affect gameplay so they end up being more of a treat than a hassle, and others are downright hilarious. Because of these reasons, reviewers didn't see the need to penalize the game's overall score due to a few odd moments. Back when Oblivion was still a new game, the floating paintbrush was an internet favorite as were NPCs being melted into jelly when attacked. 

The only serious bug was an unknown item that when equipped would completely crash the Xbox 360 but honestly, we can live with that in order this masterpiece of a game.

#5 Skate 3

In the gaming industry, it's rare if game bugs and glitches actually improve the gameplay of a game but that's exactly what fans of skate 3 believe when they recorded their most outrageous buggy moments and uploaded them to the internet.

These videos of Skate 3 caused a brief sensation of viral videos in 2010. They involved skaters clipping through the ground and the walls right on thin air instead of their board and got proposed 30 feet into the air instead of three. 

Unfortunately, the game never came to PC so the modding community never got to flex its muscles. We bet it would have made some pretty hilarious moments possible.

#6 State of Decay

Not only was the original game quite buggy and played with a host of performance issues upon shipping, the sequel that was released five years later also faced the same faith and suffered from some of the same issues as well.

Luckily, the bugs and glitches all go hand in hand with the game's missions of surviving a zombie apocalypse and tend to add more laughs than frustration. It's not uncommon to see a zombie blasted high into the air by a gun or a grenade and never hit the ground. Seeing characters glitch into walls objects during tense moments was also a common occurrence, adding some lightheartedness to an otherwise stressful game.

#7 Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Like a lot of ambitious huge games, this RPG's launch was filled with a myriad of technical problems but gamers craved the reality of this world so much that they were willing to overlook just about anything in favor of realness.

The AI was deeply flawed with enemies not even facing the correct in battle and the animation dipped so low that you'd think the game would crash. Interactions with the environment around you could be frustrating but funny at the same time and NPCs floated in thin air like balloons. 

The game was an undeniable hit, however. It definitely satisfied its fanbase so the bugs are seen as a kind of comedic break in the action.

#8 Mass Effect

Yet another example of a game so big it must be buggy. Mass Effect contains some seriously weird moments that left us laughing and cringing at the same time.

This type of buggy gameplay would continue right through to Mass Effect Andromeda. It also doesn't help matters much when this series isn't exactly known for its precise controls either. Walking horizontally in spectator mode, clipping through walls, floating vehicles, pitch-black character models and broken cutscenes were all commonplace. 

And let's not forget the multiplayer mode. It's so glitchy that it's hard to tell if the enemies are dead or breakdancing. Despite these bugs, the glitches in the Mass Effect series have become part of the attraction.

#9 Red Dead Redemption

It was no doubt the scope of the game's enormous environment that gave birth to its long list of glitches but it's not like players care. The game is still a masterpiece.

Even Rockstar is sometimes powerless to be able to polish every little aspect of their games but in an odd way, it helped give Red Dead Redemption some added charm.  

Horses and buggy drivers mysteriously driving a phantom carriage, serious map breaks, hilarious sky launching of enemies, divine ascensions, and some seriously messed-up character animations, all made rockstars western game even more enjoyable over the years and made everyone super excited for the sequel, Red Dead Redemption 2, that was recently released.

#10 Fallout: New Vegas

It's true that the entire Fallout franchise is infamous for its bugs and glitches but developer Obsidian's efforts, back in 2010, were something else entirely.

Of course, the Fallout games developed by Bethesda are known for their fair share of technical hiccups as well but Fallout: New Vegas had some spectacular bundles. One notorious example is the VAT system messing up dialogue choices, cutscenes, character models getting so entangled that they can no longer attack each other and some of the worst swimming physics we've ever seen. 

Yet, all these years later, there are a lot of gamers who consider this the best entry in the series. Go figure.

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