CREEPIEST historic events that have ever happened on earth.

These events were one of the scariest things that ever happened in history. The creepy thing about them is that they’re real and might happen again. 

#1 the standford prison experiment

The Stanford prison experiment (SPE) was a social experiment that was conducted in Standford university on August 14th 1971, where the psychology professor Philip Zimbardo who used his students there to be either guards or prisoners. 

Unfortunately the experiment quickly flew off the rail, with some of the prison officers making the prisoners go through psychological abuse and harassment . 

This experiment has repeatedly been compromised by Zimbardo's goading. Some of the students knew the study's hypothethis and acted accordingly, which is an unwanted variable in psychological experiments called demand characteristics 

#2 Octavia Hatcher

In the small town of Pikeville Kentucky the legend of Octavia Hatcher who gave birth to a child soon before she died because of her sickness, because of the heat there she was buried quickly before they made sure if she was dead or not.

After some people had the same illness as her fell into coma and woke up after, the people that buried Octavia, dug up her grave only to find signs that she has woken up and tried to get out of there. They found flood on her nails and scratches on the coffin.

#3 Recycing human bodies

The Napoleonic wars led two million soldiers to their deaths. And since it was common for the survivors to loot the dead for supplies. The looters tear out tears from the deceased soldiers mouths using pliers for denture uses.

The battle of Waterloo proved especially fruitful for the market of denture. The dead bodies were also looted bones for agriculture uses. 

#4 The case of Henry Rathbone

Henry rathbone lost his mind and fell into insanity after his friend lincoln's death, he blamed himself for everything and on the 3rd December, his insanity led him to harrass his children and kill his wife and himself. 

#5 Hell on earth

On the year 79 ad Mnt Sevuvius, a volcano near the bay of Italy famously erupted.

This eruption released a massive amount of gas and debris 20 miles into the air which blocked the sun, this event caused a Tsunami in the bay on Naples, huge waves destroyed the cities, and later the volcano released pyroclastic flows that look like huge fireballs, they're basically 18 000 degree Fahrenheit clouds of gas and Volcanic matter that can travel upwards of 400 miles/hour.

The flow killed the citizens on an instant. It vaporized their blood and organs 

#6 The Black Death

The black death was basically seen as an apocalypse back then because it killed 60% of europe's population.

The plague made people go nuts with fear so when guards trie to put citizen on quarantine, those people ended up being very violent, some of them even killed others to get out of their houses. This lead entire neighborhoods into quarantine which only lead to more deaths and riots 

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