Coolest and cheapest Airbnbs

If you’re desperately looking for a good long vacation , where you can stay at a luxurious place , you came to the right place because we found you the cheapest coolest airbnbs for you to enjoy with your friends . 

#1 40 $ treehouse in bali surrounded by 7 WATERFALLS

This treehouse in bali is 40 $ a night , comes with free breakfast plus it has cute fun tree swings around it . 

Besides being surrounded by 7 waterfalls and a marigold flower field patch , this property is super comfy, and has rly nice views .


Located in Italy , there's a castle that you can rent out all of it with 5 other people and will only cost you 42 dollars a person (252$ a night). It has a huge garden , big beautiful inside pools and many nice views and is surrounded by a big forrest. You should definitely consider renting it out if you want to travel.

#3 CHEAP BALI MANSION for you and your friends

Bali has super cheap villas and for 28 dollars a person (222dollars a night), you get this mega mansion that can fit 8 people . The view there is absolutely stunning, private pools , big garden, and has also a personal driver and personal chef and a doorway that looks like it could lead to heaven as you can see in the picture above .

#4 Infinity pool for only 36 $

Located in Greece next to mukovoc , you and your friends can have this beautiful infinity pool for 36$ a person (6 people) or 217$ night , overlooking the ocean, it's super cozy inside and has a very nice view outside .

This will honestly be the best to spend your summer with your friends .

#5 CHEAP stay inside an IGLOO??!

In Finland this super unique igloo costs 33 dollars (197 dollars a night) a person and you can live inside ice , it has super nice desing and free breakfast . 

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