Are TONERS necessary in a SKINCARE ROUTINE ?

There’s a reason why toners have been around since the beginning of skincare, which is to help the skin from dehydration that comes from the use of a bar soap (since soaps are overstripping to the skin). Toners were used to compensate for that dryness by adding a hydrating step and balancing the ph on the skin. 

So if we’re talking about that time, I would be saying that yes toners were absolutely necessary for the skin to be healthy. 

But with developpemet of our skincare products and cleansers, we reached a level where cleansing agents are no longer stripping enough to throw off the ph level on the skin. 

Toners were also used as a second cleaning step since they think that it will remove any additional make up or dirt from the face. And that’s wrong if you find dirt on your face even after using a cleanser then you should change it and find another one who gets the job done so well, since the purpose of a toner is not for it to be a second cleanser, since leaving it on the skin for too long is too similar to leaving a cleansing product on the skin, and that’s very unhealthy, because these cleansing products are meant to be washed off.

Now with the invention of Moisturizers, hydrating toners are no longer necessary, since a moisturizing creams or serums will hydrate and moisture your skin much more efficently than a toner. because hydration alone is not going to work without moisture. 

Hydrating Toners are usually water-based so they disappear from the skin quickly, unlike moisturizer that seal the skin. 

Toners nowadays are not necessary for hydration nor cleansing, it is now designed special use purposes an anti-aging product, or a light exfoliant that can be used under the moisturizer if you have a sensitive skin. 

So all in all, a Toner can be replaced, whether by a serum or oil, or a good exfoliant or by a second cleanser. That’s why it is not necessary for the be healthy. 

What do you think?

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