Are krakens real? A predator that's more DANGEROUS than SHARKS!!

For many centuries Krakens were considered a myth, until the last past decades when scientists started exploring the variety of giant squids. Well, things changed, because they were able to find a modern Kraken called simply “Giant squid’, since the average size of this predator can reach 66f(20m), which is basically the size of a 5 STORY HOUSE, can weight from 1,300 to 1,500 lb (600 to700kg)0. In the center of their bodies, there’s a beak that weighs 1,091 lb, that’s capable of biting through a  3.15 inches thick steel cable (8 cm). These Giant predators roam deep seas, so they aren’t seen many times. 

The first time these creatures were captured on camera was in 2003, luckily the one who captured it was not harmed. 

The creature reportedly attacked people many different times:

 In 2003, a yacht was attacked by a giant squid an hour after leaving France, the squid used two tentacles to block the rudder. Luckily the captain stopped the yacht, causing the predator to lose interest.

  In 1941, in South Atlantic, a giant squid attacked a raft with survivors from Britannia, it dragged two men to the ocean, and although one of them suffered suffering tentacle sucker wounds he at least managed to escape.

 In WW2 after an English ship sank, the survivors were able to fit in a small raft, and on their first night, they were attacked by a giant squid that dragged down survivors with it multiple times until the raft was rescued by a big ship.

 In 1946 the Norwegian tanker Brunswick was attacked by a giant squid, the reports from the captains’ ship indicated that this creature was more than 20 meters long and swam at the speed of about 40km/h (20mile/h). and suddenly attacked the ship, luckily the tentacles’ strong blows weren’t able to penetrate the steel skin of the ship and after a while, the Kraken looking predator swam away. 


We’ve studied only 5% of our planet’s oceans and until recently the Krakens were considered fictional myths. But today we know for sure they are real creatures. Although these predators have shown behaviors of cannibalism, you shouldn’t worry too much because they leave on cold deep waters, so you won’t really meet them.

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