10 times PUBLIC FIGURES partied really hard

With the enormous wealth of certain public figures, it’s no wonder they throw some big parties, that sometimes end up costing millions of dollars. This list is definitely not for the faint of heart. Below we compiled some of the biggest parties public figures had. 

#1 Throwing your car in the pool.

Ever partied so hard you decided to throw your car in the pool..? That's exactly what Keith Moon decided to do on his 21st birthday. That endeavor resulted in a broken tooth and a night in jail. Despite all of this, he still managed to make it to the next flight to The Who's next gig.

#2 Elton John and the massive costume.

What's better than throwing a car into the pool to celebrate? Wearing a costume that requires a moving truck to get it transported

On his 50th birthday, Elton John threw a costume party for over 600 celebrities. He decided to dress up as Louis XIV, with a costume so long and massive it required a moving truck to get it transported.

#3 Charlie Parker and the nudist party.

This one is not really a BIG BILL party per se but it's still impressive nonetheless.

During one of his parties, the sax player noticed that one guest started stripping. Parker then proceeded to drop his own pants, and soon the rest of the party joined him.

#4 We can’t think of a title that sums up how gruesome this is..

Dave Navarro once felt like pens and pencils were too inconvenient so he replaced it with a syringe with blood.

In 1998, Dave Navarro was invited into a Playboy Mansion orgy. After shooting up some heroin inside his veins, Navarro decided that writing his name on the wall with blood using a syringe was a good idea. Unfortunately, this ended up in him getting a lifetime ban from the mansion.

#5 Malcolm Forbes and the 300 horsemen.

On his 70th birthday, The Forbes founder flew 800 of his friends on three places to Tangier, Morocco. And if that wasn't enough, the party involved a cavalry charge by 300 horsemen.

#6 Mario Balotelli

The famous Italian footballer decided to light a bunch of fireworks inside his bathroom. This ended up destroying his bathroom resulting in more than 450,000 Euros of damage.

#8 Oliver Reed and the one hundred pints.

According to some rumors, Oliver drank over 100 pints of beer while celebrating before his second wedding. According to the man himself, that was wrong. He had actually drunk 100 pints during an arm-wrestling contest.

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