7 MYTHS you believe because of SCI-FI movies

Sci-fi movies are great, there’s no denying that. From Star Wars lightsabers to big spaceships shooting laser beams through space, science fiction movies never fail to have a wow effect on audiences. But sometimes the science in them doesn’t quite hit the mark, that’s why we compiled a list of popular myths found in Sci-Fi movies:  

#1 Laser beams are invisible in Space

When simple bullets don't cut it, movie directors and producers often resort to laser weapons and there is absolutely no problem with that.

However, the place where filmmakers take some liberty is the cosmetic appearance of these deadly weapons. The thing is, the color of laser beams only depends on the medium through which they're traveling, thus making the fact that they appear colored in space during movies simply impossible.

#2 Silencers don’t magically make guns completely silent

We've all seen this in infiltration type of action of movies like James bond. The protagonist puts a silencer on his gun and voila ! It's suddenly completely silent

Well unfortunately, that's not the case in the real world. While silencers do actually reduce the sound of a gunshot (to some extent), it is still pretty loud compared to how it's portrayed in movies.

#3 The sun is ACTUALLY WHITE

I guess I've been lied to all of my life then !

It's kind of a universal belief that the sun is yellow at this point. The sun isn't actually yellow. It's our atmosphere that gives it this appearance. If you were to observe the sun from space, it would look completely white.

#4 T-REX’s can see moving objects

For some reason, movie producers always portray these menacing creatures as some kind of mole who can't see.

In reality, T-Rex are the king of dinosaurs for a reason. They had phenomenal vision and could see objects as far as 6 kilometres away. 

#6 The moon has no darkside

The moon is tidally locked with the Earth. In other words, only one of it's sides is visible to the earth at all times. This phenomenon occurs because the speed of Earth's rotation is exactly the same as that of the moon's revolution around the earth.

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